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Maxx Training Center Owner

Fenix jiu-jitsu instructor Black Belt.

Jiu Jitsu is the leverage when often times the smaller person has the advantage. 

Served in the military from 1985 1989.

I've been training in Brazilian jujitsu, Muaythai and boxing since 1999 Started in the mixed martial arts scene (Boneyard training center)with 20 MMA fights 2006 CFFC (Cage fury fighting championships) welterweight champion 2004 mass destruction last Man standing champion Muaythai training with the Sityodtong training center with travel to Thailand to the Sityodtong Muaythai head quarters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt under Fenix Owner/Professor Ronaldo Campos 2018 Boston open division champion 2017 Boston open division champion 2016 Boston Open Division Undefeated as a professional boxer



Fenix Brazilian jiu-jitsu head instructor Black Belt.

Professor Ron has 25 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 11 as a black belt. Ron began training as a teen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He moved to the UK in 2001 where he fought professionally in MMA, eventually moving to the US in 2004. He has been teaching BJJ for 20+ years, and is also a certified IBJJF referee with over 10 years of reffing experience. He is the owner and founder of Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Ana Lima

Fenix Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Purple Belt.

I started BJJ in 2016 in Argentina, in 4 months I received my orange belt, competing in the male division, I won all my tournaments as a orange belt, then I went to Brazil in vacation, there I received my blue belt from my Master Neury Gomes and after 3 months I came to US. I started training in Maxx Training Center in April 2017, right there was a big door opening for me, I started to be a instructor for the kids. In December 2017 I went to compete in California, I won the NOGI World Championship. In June 2019 I received my purple belt and nowadays I coach the kids and Adults fundamentals. Also really happy to be part of this family Maxx-Fenix BJJ.

Competition Results :

2016 - Mercosur - White Belt - Female category - Gold Medalist

2016 - V Copa Ronin De Jiu Jitsu- Orange Belt - Male category - Silver Medalist 

2016 - TORNEO DESAFIO BOCA JUNIORS - Orange Belt - Male category - Gold Medalist

2017 - Aberto de Verão - Blue Belt - Female Category - Bronze Medalist 

2017 - Caxcudo World - Blue Belt - Female Category - Gold Medalist

2017 - New York Open Gi and Nogi - Gold Medalist

2017- Boston Open - Double Silver Medalist 

2017- Won Fight to Win 44 Boston

2017- Naga New England - Gold Medalist in 3 divisions - Gi and Nogi teens and Adult 

2017- Fuji Tournament Boston- Blue Belt- Gold Medalist 

2017- Nogi World Championship- Gold Medalist 

2018-Naga Tournament-First Place - Nogi and Gi - Division & Open Class

2018- Grappling Industries - Adult Division- First Place 

2018 - Fuji Tournament - Adult Division - Second Place

2018- Naga Tournament - Adult Division - First Place 

2018- Tap Cancer Out - Adult Division- First Place 

2019 - Grappling Industries NYC - First Place 

2019- Naga Tournament - First Place 

2019 - Grappling Industries - Purple Belt - First Place 

2019 - Grappling Industries - Purple Belt - First Place Gi & Nogi 

2019 - Las Vegas Summer - Third Place NOGI 


Francesco Scardigno

Muaythai Trainer/Personal Trainer

I am a Certified Personal Trainer under the (ISSA) International Sport Sciences Association. My ultimate goal is to help my clients achieve Optimal Health through fitness, clean nutrition, good rest and managing stress. My initial exposure to fitness and nutrition was through Authentic muaythai. I have been training muaythai for over 7 years and for a brief time I was a fighter amassing a record of 1-1. I then became an assistant coach at North Jersey muaythai in Lodi, NJ which is rated as one of the top authentic muaythai gyms in the country. I ran the kids muaythai program, and taught private sessions for clients that consisted of muaythai training, Muaythai and Functional Strength & Conditioning or Functional Strength & Conditioning only. I have deep passion and respect for Muaythai and Fitness and I genuinely enjoy helping people learn and grow into healthier, more conscious people. I look forward to working and helping as many people as I can. Muaythai is a ring sport that combines Punching, Kicking, Kneeing, and Elbowing. I like to start clients off very slowly to ensure that they have a good understanding of the techniques. I work my clients thru 5 to 6 rounds lasting between 2 to 3 minutes with the first round being punching combinations and I then add in the remaining techniques round by round. Once we have reached the 5th or 6th round we are working on all of the techniques which makes for a very intense cardiovascular workout and is very fun. The above referenced techniques that I teach are really just the tip of the iceberg as there are many different offensive and defensive techniques that can be utilized. I put a lot of emphasis and focus on technique and get my clients to pull away from power as I feel that training with a lot of power pulls the focus away from technique. Muaythai is a combat sport of grace and style combined with strength and power and when taught properly is very effective for self defense and getting in great shape.